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  • Purchased a theme that had this WPBakery as a part of it. After installing the WPBakery plugin adds its own annoying you must register eyesore to the admin pages. Go to register to at least git rid of their annoying banners on my admin site. Register with email, password, etc… only to find GOTCHA! You did not have a product you could have ever registered to begin with! Buy more of our stuff and thanks for your email so we can send you more junk you didn’t ask for because we passed some official WordPress checklist that apparently is OK witha the willfull deception of customers. Nice. How is this sort of behavior tolerated?

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  • Hello @cgbs,

    I also find it annoying when I expect a certain set of features that were advertised to me and end up with something unexpected.

    I know of several paid themes that bundle working plugins with registrations and banners that cannot be removed. If the plugin is released under the GPL, as it’s supposed to be for WordPress, theme developers can bundle and distribute them with their themes. Some plugins require activation for updates and support, and constantly remind you to register them, which seems to be the case with WPBakery.

    The themes and plugins you see on the WordPress repository at are free. They are reviewed and must meet a certain standard before being accepted into the repository.

    WPBakery is not part of the repository and there are no paid themes here either. We do not have control over resources outside of

    If you use a commercial theme or plugin and need support, please go to their official support channel. In order to be good stewards of the WordPress community, and encourage innovation and progress, we feel it’s important to direct people to those official locations.

    Commercial products are not supported in these forums:

    I suggest you contact the theme’s developers to find out whether there is some other way of configuring WPBakery. You should be able to use WPBakery, albeit without access to its support or registration features. The plugin should still work and you should receive its updates from your theme’s developers.

    Otherwise, ask your theme’s developers for a refund and find a different theme that doesn’t bundle a paid plugin like WPBakery. For instance, some paid themes support Elementor, which is a free site builder plugin similar to WPBakery, and can be found here on the plugin repository:

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