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  • Hello ☕
    it’s me again.

    I have tested now, what happens, when I have activated Beta/RC - Bleeding edge. Yesterday the upgrade started from version (5.4-RC1-47424) and great! it upgraded to 5.4-RC2 – as expected.

    After this, I activated Bleeding egde nightlies and it upgraded to (5.4-RC2-47447).

    Third test: Activation of Beta/RC - Bleeding edge again but … I can’t restore to version 5.4-RC2.

    It seems to me, that once you have started the bleeding edge nightlies stream you will not be able to restore to the recent RC (or beta) version. You must wait until the next RC or Beta is released. In this case, I must wait for the release of 5.4 RC 3.

    In my opinion, this cannot be the desired behaviour. Beta/RC - Bleeding edge is for RC/beta testing and it should always be possible to test a real Beta/RC version.

    Am I wrong or should I open an issue on github?

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    The easiest way to revert back to an old(er) version is to go to Updates and click the “Re-install Now” button.
    It’ll revert you back to the current stable release (5.3.2 at the moment).

    It has never been an option in the plugin to go to another release channel though. So maybe they’ll change some other things around now that you can choose between the nightlies and the beta/rc channels.

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    It has never been an option in the plugin to go to another release channel though.

    Thank you, for trying to help. But this is no “other” release channel. The RC/Beta - bleeding edge is a “sub item” of Bleeding Edge and the Beta/RC - Point release is a “sub item” of Point Release. Both “sub items” are first visible, when you hit and upgrade either to bleeding edge or to Point release (depending on which branch you choose).

    And they are relatively new and were integrated on 22 February (found in changelog of the plugin).

    I’m waiting for an answer from @pbiron or @afragen

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Let’s start with some background.

    1. We get the update stream from the WP Core Update API. The starting point is
    2. This is a closed API.
    3. The plugin then alters the update stream depending upon your selection.
    4. The API only returns the current or latest zip for the query that is sent. The plugin will send a different query based on “point” or “bleeding edge” selections.
    5. The Beta/RC selection specifically tests for the existence of that download. It is a hack, but one that works well. There is not a separate beta/RC stream.

    What this all means is that the plugin was designed to upgrade not downgrade. The only “downgrade” is if you switch from “bleeding edge” to “point release”. This pops up a warning as you are technically moving from one release branch to a lower branch and there might be potential database changes etc. that may be problematic.

    The only way to get to a specific beta or RC download is by having your installation on the “point release” or “bleeding edge” stream before that beta or RC is released and once on that stream select the corresponding “Beta/RC” option.

    After that you would need to download the specific beta/RC zip and install it de novo or use WP-CLI to force an update to that specific zip.

    The bottom line is that the starting point is the current stable release and selecting one of the streams in the Beta Tester plugin will allow you to update to the of that branch. Once updated to a particular stream you will see an option to update ONLY to the next beta/RC release. If you move back to “bleeding edge” and update you will get the current from that branch. There is no going back to the previous beta/RC inside of this plugin.

    I hope this makes some sense.

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    Thank you very much for this detailed explanation 👍 🌼

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