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  • WordPress Beta Tester version 3.0.3

    From help panel:

    When switching between Point release and Bleeding edge you will need to set the stream option to Nightlies then update to get on that channel, then set to another stream option ( Beta/RC Only or Release Candidates Only ) if desired.

    First I had the stream Bleeding edge -> Nightlies and the recent version 5.6 beta 4 – 49607.

    Second I wanted to switch to the Point release channel. I did, as described in the help panel and activated Point release and Nightlies and saved changes.

    After saving the Plugins shows me 3 notices.
    1.) Saved. Why don’t you head on over and upgrade now.
    2.) Warning about database and downgrade
    3.) Warning: Your current WordPress Beta Tester plugin configuration will downgrade your installation to a previous version – please reconfigure it.

    Question to 1.) Why it says upgrade and not downgrade?

    Since the WordPress did not change after saving I clicked the only available option ->
    upgrade now (from notice 1.))

    On the following page I clicked on the blue Update now button, which is below the sentence/hint:
    You are using a development version of WordPress. You can update to the latest nightly build manually:

    But, nothing changes. Still version 5.6 beta 4 ….

    Back to the plugin settings page. I have made a screenshot and flagged the conflicting informations.

    In my opinion and understanding, if I switch to Point release and the stream nightlies I should receive the recent dev version of the upcoming next minor version of WordPress in this case 5.5.4 xx.xx.

    Is this a bug that I still have the beta of upcoming Major version after I switched to the point release channel?

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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