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  • I have had the same experiences as described there

    But in my opinion, this was logical:

    Point release nightlies for upcoming 5.3.x
    Beta/RC – Bleeding edge for upcoming 5.4 (beta/RC)
    Bleeding edge nightlies for upcoming 5.5

    However, after restoring WordPress back to 5.3.2 and after installing the plugin again I have seen only 2 options:
    Point release
    Bleeding edge nightlies.

    I activated Bleeding edge nightlies and the WP version now! has upgraded to 5.4 RC…
    When I switch to Beta/RC- Bleeding edge it “upgrades” to the same release number as under bleeding edge nightlies.

    I could not find any explanation in the plugin description for both options, resp. about the difference.

    Please shed some light on the dark

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  • Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    It seems there’s a new addition to the release handbook,, that describes updating a constant, WP_CORE_DEV_BRANCH.

    Hopefully this should result in the expected behavior. Obviously this constant would need to be altered once the actual release happens.

    Thread Starter Angelika Reisiger


    Okay, I think I understand this:

    API: Set WP_CORE_DEV_BRANCH in /home/wporg/public_html/.config/versions.php to the branch, for example, 4.9. This is used in the core update check to keep Beta Tester plugin users on the branch development path (instead of pushing them into the super-alpha 5.0).

    This says (imho as I understand with not so perfect english knowledges) that this constant prevents the bleeding edge stream to upgrade to 5.5, but it keeps it on the 5.4 trunk stream.

    but where is the difference to RC/Beta – bleeding edge?

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    My understanding is exactly your understanding.

    The Beta/RC - Bleeding Edge will only show an update or update to the actual beta/RC zip. It will not show updates to nightly releases on the bleeding edge branch.

    Plugin Contributor Paul Biron


    Also, in case it isn’t clear the, WP_CORE_DEV_BRANCH is something that gets changed on the servers that respond to the Update API requests that WP core sends (and that the Beta Tester plugin modifies) and is not a constant you can add to the wp-config.php file of your site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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