Google Summer of Code

Posted March 20, 2007 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under General.

Looking for something fun to do this summer? All college and university students around the world are invited to apply to get paid $4,500 USD to work on your favorite open source project this summer. WordPress is among the 131 accepted to Google Summer of Code, of more than 300 projects that applied

We have eight committed volunteers who are enthusiastic to mentor, learn, and make WordPress a little better in the process.

Check out our ideas for projects, or propose your own. You must apply
by March 24
. Good luck!

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  1. […] was reminded by the WordPress blog that Google Summer of code is now accepting students […]

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  2. […] a cool way to spend your summer and get paid if you are into open source projects!   WordPress is among the projects that were accepted by Google.  It seems like Google just has too much money to give away, why not take advantage of […]

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  4. Open-source PHP scripts

    This post is about open source, and what open source has done for me (and the FreddyWare Solutions Enterprise Network). I will be mentioning key programs that I use.
    You may or may not realize that Geekie.org is a blog. (Wait, that’s not what I w…

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  5. […] The Google Summer of Code will feature some exciting stuff from interns and students working on WordPress Plugins and ideas for features and development. BloggingPro found Ronald Heft, Jr., who will be working on improving podcasting support, and […]

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  6. WordPress and Google Summer of Code

    According to this, WordPress will be a part of the Google Summer of Code this year. Looks like a lot of backend stuff is on the agenda, but I’m especially excited about the idea of threaded comments being included in WordPress’ core. I&#8…

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  7. […] I’m so anxious today. I just submitted my Google Summer of Code Application to join the WordPress Project.Hope I get it. (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … […]

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  8. […] to this, WordPress will be a part of the Google Summer of Code this year. Looks like a lot of backend stuff […]

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  9. […] but they quit that service! I don’t know why. WordPress Automattic however, did start investigating for a solution by supporting a student developing a plugin to solve it. As you can see, it is still […]

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