Webzine 2005

Posted September 23, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Events.

Myself and a few other WordPress folks will be spending the weekend at Webzine 2005 here in San Francisco. It has shaped up to be a really amazing conference that embraces the indy roots of what we do and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. Best of all, it’s affordable! Tickets are only $22 for both days. If you’re a WP user and attending be sure to say hi during the conference. I’ll be participating in two panels, “Making Media with Open Source” Tools and “Blog Wares Dance Off.”

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  1. […] Webzine 2005 is approaching. Tickets are only $22, for the two days in San Francisco. WordPress is planning to make an appearance. If you’re a WP user and attending be sure to say hi during the conference. I’ll be participating in two panels, “Making Media with Open Sourceâ€? Tools and “Blog Wares Dance Off.â€? # […]

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  2. […] Looks like the guys over at WordPress are lucky enough to be heading over to the the webzine conference. Unfortunately, us here in Ireland do not get that luxury. […]

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  3. Webzine 2005

    Imaginen dos días completos de discusiones, mesas redondas y presentaciones donde se trata de cubrir la pequeña pero amplia gama de las publicaciones independientes. Dos días dedicados a escuchar e intercambiar con la gente que (en EEUU) está volte…

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  4. eBooks rock

    A brief dissertation on why ebooks are better than traditional media

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  5. […] Here – especially if you style yourself a writer of webzines. Out of San Francisco in early November, a conference on webzines and a site that promises to drip with podcasts and video sometime soon. Neither are my preferred personal downloading method (this brain prefers to scan text and pictures, sorry) – but the link is too good to walk by. Via the WordPress blog. […]

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