WordPress Backup Week

Posted July 21, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Documentation, Events.

July 23-30 is WordPress Backup Week. The WordPress Forum and Codex are working together to remind you to backup your WordPress site and database and eat your veggies. Even if your host does it (or should be doing it) no one was ever hurt by too many backups. It should be done on a regular basis and we’re taking the time now to remind you to back it up (like a pickup truck). To help you out, we’ve put together articles on WordPress Backups and Backing Up Your Database. If something happens to your data, we’re still here with another article on Restoring Your Database From Backup. Of course if you have any problems, the WordPress Support Forum is there to help.

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  2. Backup Week

    While being WordPress based, there are still some good ideas in the article’s links and the information to come.n WordPress Backup Weekn The links all deal with backing up your mySQL database using PHPMyAdmin. If you use one for your blog or f…

    Trackback from Thought Patterns on July 22, 2005

  3. WordPress Backup Week

    De 23 a 30 de Julho decorre a WordPress Backup Week, cujo fim é lembrar e encorajar os utilizadores deste CMS a fazerem backup do seu site e base de dados.n Na notícia encontram-se links para artigos (1, 2) criados para o efeito, onde são explicad…

    Trackback from lâmpada azul on July 22, 2005

  4. WordPress Backup Week

    July 23-30 is WordPress Backup Week . The WordPress Forum and Codex are reminding everyone to backup their WordPress site and database.n I think that this is a wonderful idea – but I’d like to add a reminder for everyone reading this to re…

    Trackback from Is there a PC Doctor in the house? on July 23, 2005

  5. WordPress Upgrade

    At the behest of bi11i, owner/proprietor of Fuck You, Computer – a blog which uses my Curtains Up theme, I’ve upgraded my old WordPress blog to the newest version, Apart from being terribly insular and geeky, what does this me…

    Trackback from Mostly Muppet Dot Com on July 29, 2005

  6. wordpress backup week

    heute geht sie vorbei – die WordPress-Backup-Woche..n und für alle, die bisher sorgenfrei bloggen… ein Update zur rechten Zeit, erspart viiieeel Ärger, wenn auf dem Server mal eine Festplatte abraucht…nn…

    Trackback from wordpresser.net on July 30, 2005

  7. Blog Backup? What is that?

    This afternoon I had an interesting call from a long time blogger who had installed WordPress on a server in his office more than a year ago.  He moved his data from an online blogging service and enjoyed the control he had with his own server.&n…

    Trackback from Weblogs Work on September 10, 2005

  8. […] Each month this year, I’ve seen a steady increase in the number of visits to this site. January through May, traffic grew from twenty to twenty two thousand visits each month. Then the numbers exploded into thirty three thousand in June, and sixty thousand in July! August saw just under sixty thousand visits. July was something of a ringer for my stats, because July had the WordPress Backup Week, for which I released the WP-DB Backup plugin (thanks again to Owen for his phenomenal contributions to that!). […]

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